Undergraduate Program Overview

Embrace your curiosity
Embrace your curiosity

Introduction to the Biochemistry Major

In the Department of Biochemistry, we are inventing medicines to save lives, finding new ways to combat cancer and unlocking new sources of biofuels to power the world.

Join our students who work hand-in-hand with award-winning faculty in labs to make discoveries and to invent new technologies. UNL Biochemistry undergraduates are regularly included as authors on scientific publications and as co-inventors of patents.

We view our students as future colleagues — whether you become a fellow PhD, medical doctor, or a program manager at a pharmaceutical company. You are a vital part of our community of scholars and are a valued team member.

Embrace your curiosity.

How to Apply

Let curiosity move you to start your story at the College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources or the College of Arts and Sciences. With specialized programs of study to match any interest area, the opportunity for hands-on experience through our nationally acclaimed undergraduate research program and a campus located at the heart of an innovative college city community of nearly 300,000 people, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln offers the ideal Big Ten collegiate experience for students at an affordable cost.

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