About the Department of Biochemistry
About the Department of Biochemistry

At Nebraska’s premiere biochemistry program, we develop the world’s next great scientists and researchers, right here at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Biochemists are fascinated by the inner workings of cells, whether human, animal, plant, or microbe. We are passionate explorers who discover how macromolecules function in fundamental biological processes like growth, signalling, and metabolism.

We offer a rigorous and comprehensive program that prepares our students and postdoctoral fellows for future success. We feature award-winning professional advisers and incomparable mentorship opportunities that get students out of a book and into the lab.

Our students work hand-in-hand with internationally recognized scholars and researchers on projects that pose exciting questions and solve real-world problems.

Our mission is to maintain a top-tier academic program through cutting-edge curricula, high-quality research programs and the continued success of our graduates.

Follow your curiosity, and make a real impact in the following areas:

  • Structural and Chemical Basis of Protein Function
  • Metabolism and Metabolic Engineering
  • Molecular Mechanisms of Disease
  • Plant and Microbial Biochemistry and Biotechnology
  • Computational and Systems Biology