Extension and Outreach

The Department of Biochemistry embraces science literacy by communicating our excellence in research to our students, the general public and learners at every level. The department uses interdisciplinary approaches in basic and translational science in biochemistry and molecular biology which is also used to communicate cutting-edge research to the public, educators, students and other constituencies.

Plants in laboratory
Fascination of Plants Day photo from agronomy.unl.edu

High Schools Labs

Around five times a year, members of the Cahoon lab organize and participate in public scientific education events. Members of the local community, or Nebraska school students often come to the lab to conduct basic experiments and learn about the research conducted by the lab.

These events include

  • "Women in Science"
  • "Fascination of Plants Day"
  • "Sunday with a Scientist" (at the UNL Natural History Museum)
  • Opportunities for high school teachers to come to the lab for a multi-day workshop