Shipping Label Instructions & Form

Purpose: To generate accurate shipping labels directly through online systems (FedEx, UPS).  The electronic means of preparing shipping labels is the method to be used for shipping packages.

  • Ensures that the departments in Beadle are billed accurately for shipments
  • Ensures legibility of the shipping labels for proper delivery of  packages
  • Allows for creation of shipping labels for packages being sent from another location, to be sent and billed to you 

The label will be generated and sent through the system by email, directly to the person who is sending and billing you for the package. 

Fill out the label request form completely, and then email it directly to the Receiving Office staff to process and print your shipping label.  Bring your package to the Receiving Office.

Alan Muthersbaugh and Les Acree

The label request form must be received no later than:

1:30pm (FedEx), 2:30pm (UPS) Monday-Friday

for the label to be completed online and printed, so that your package is ready for pickup by the shipping company, in the Receiving Office, Beadle E119.

If you have questions you can contact Receiving at 472-4580.