Oleh Khalimonchuk

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Willa Cather Professor Biochemistry - Director Redox Biology Center okhalimonchuk2@unl.edu 402-472-8060 N230 Beadle Center
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Biomedical Research, Lipids/Membrane biochemistry, Molecular Signaling, Redox biology

Mitochondria are highly dynamic and complex organelles responsible for cellular energy conversion, a plethora of key metabolic pathways, maintenance of ion homeostasis and programmed cell death. Perturbations of mitochondrial homeostasis and integrity result in dysfunctions that manifest in a spectrum of early to adult-onset neurological and cardiovascular disorders and are contributor to certain types of cancer, type II diabetes and neurodegeneration. Understanding the molecular bases of mitochondrial function/dysfunction is a key for finding ways to combat these currently incurable disorders. Our research utilizes yeast and mammalian cell models to address following questions:
1.   Role of the protein quality control in mitochondrial homeostasis and stress response
2.   Biogenesis and maintenance of the protein complexes within the inner mitochondrial membrane