Explore reactions and form bonds
Explore reactions and form bonds

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Every one of our students is making a difference.

They’ve taken different paths to our major, and now they’re growing, together, as scientists.

Our major is at the interface of several key sciences. You are trained in biology, chemistry, physics, and calculus. And your elective coursework comes from a variety of areas that match your interests and goals — that could include computers, business, psychology, or even art.

Our faculty use a teaching style that emphasizes core concepts and actively incorporates teamwork, problem solving and project management skills into our lecture and lab courses. This means that our lecture courses involve active participation and allow for greater long-term retention of material than traditionally taught courses.

We also focus on providing research experiences both inside and outside the classroom. In addition to on-campus jobs in faculty labs, we offer three lab-based courses that provide hands-on exposure to highly technical instrumentation and the opportunity to work on unique novel DNA sequences.

If you want to prepare to become a doctor, develop alternative energies or discover new cures for disease, join us.

Biochemistry is offered through two colleges at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Our major requirements are the same and are all taught on city campus, but the college distribution requirements differ. For more information, contact the Biochemistry Advisor about which choice might be right for you.

During your very first semester at Nebraska we help you explore biochemistry through a fun, one-credit introduction course. You’d learn about careers, basic biochemistry concepts and be connected to study groups and friends you will have for the next four years.

Alicia Ortiz ‘15

Lincoln, Nebraska

“I transferred to UNL because there are so many more opportunities both in and out of my major. The most rewarding experience has been working in Dr. Nicole Buan’s lab. She’s so approachable and optimistic. I’m working on a project that helps us understand methanogen gene expression so that we can engineer strains to produce bio-energy. Once I needed culture readings every four hours – for five days. I slept in an adjacent office and at the end was rewarded with data that graphed beautifully and will be part of a published paper I’m co-author on.

“I learn so much both in and outside the classroom about science as well as about myself. I am so proud to be part of solving real-world problems and making a difference already!”

College of Arts and Sciences: Pre-Professional