147 receive stipends for summer 2018 research

Photo Credit: generic_photo_147_students_for_summer_2018
Fri, 05/25/2018 - 08:50

May 25, 2018 -- The University of Nebraska–Lincoln has awarded stipends to 147 undergraduates to participate in research with a faculty mentor this summer.

Department of Biochemistry participants:

  • Cortland: Sophia Kisling, microbiology and biochemistry, "Impact of Dietary DHA in Ready-To-Use Supplemental Foods on Pregnancy and Infancy in Food Insecure Populations in Zambia."

  • Lincoln:  Jeffrey Gabell, biological sciences and biochemistry, "Exploring the Effects of FATP2 Gene Deletion on Fatty Acid-Responsive Gene Expression in Liver"; Tony Le, biochemistry, "Optimizing the Interactions of a Two-Member Microbial Community of Methylobacter and Methylomonas"; Lauren Lesiak, chemistry and biochemistry, "Synthesis and Evaluation of Nebraska Red Derivatives for Protein Labeling Studies";  Nancy Nguyen, biochemistry, "Determining the Mechanism of Action of the Antifungal Falcarindiol";  Stephan Sutter, biological sciences and biochemistry, "Elucidating Inter-Protein Interactions of Archaeal Chromatin Proteins."

  • Omaha: Frederick Azalekor, biochemistry, "Association of Microbial Nitrogen Fixers in Prairie Soil with Trypsacum Dactyloides and Their Possible Effect on the Growth of Corn"; Kai Johnson, biochemistry, "An RNA Helicase Implicated in DNA Repair."

  • Peru: Nicholas Kite, biochemistry, "UNL International Genetically Engineered Machines (iGEM) Team."

  • Wichita, Kansas: Spencer Jones, biochemistry, "Residues of SigA Essential in Binding with WhiB1 in Mycobacterium Tuberculosis."

  • Eagan, Minnesota: Nicolette Holcomb, biochemistry, "Biological System for the Treatment of Nitrate and Atrazine from Groundwater in Rural Areas Using Immobilized Algae."

  • Pierre, South Dakota: Emily Petersen, forensic science and biochemistry, "Use of the CRISPR-Cas System to Study the Effects of Farnesol and Antibiotics that Block Ergosterol Synthesis in Candida albicans."