Why study at UNL?

Markwell in Teaching Lab (h-298 x w-448)Our faculty use a teaching style that emphasizes core concepts and actively incorporates teamwork, problem solving and project management skills into our lecture and lab courses. This means that our lecture courses involve active participation and allows for greater long-term retention of material than traditionally taught courses.

We also focus on providing research experiences both inside and outside the classroom. In addition to on-campus jobs in faculty labs, we offer three lab based courses that provide hands-on exposure to highly technical instrumentation and the opportunity to work on unique novel DNA sequences.

     "I love Biochemistry because you get to see how all the basic things from biology and chemistry come together and explain why things in your body and the world around you work the way that they do."

                   Abby Grieser

Biochem Club

The student led Biochem Club meets 1-2 times a month and has activities that include social, service, and career growth. Click the link to see the most up-to-date calendar of events and join in the fun!


Every faculty lab in our department has undergraduates participating in significant research endeavors, with over 40 students earning their funding through the UCARE program. Students work alongside committed faculty and have experience on high tech equipment, making them well-trained and highly competitive in the job market. Several students each year become published authors for their unique contribution to science.

Student Profiles

Read about the exciting lives of our current students.

Financial Aid

The Biochemistry Department offers three scholarships. Applications are typically available in April each year.


Britta Osborne
N208 Beadle Center
Lincoln, NE 68588-0664


Our students find employment in primary care (medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy), patent law, agriculture, the biotechnology sector, government agencies and more. For the most current listing of recent graduate careers, please visit the Career Guide to UNL Majors.