Biochemistry Club

An organized Biochemistry Club meets approximately twice a month to enjoy pizza, meet outside speakers from various fields of interest to members, discuss research or other topics, learn about various career paths, and orchestrate group tours.

Email Britta Osborne ( to join the group and receive notification of their activities.

2013-2014 Biochemistry Club Officers for the Website
Biochemistry Club Officers at the Big Red Welcome, August 2013

Biochemistry Club Officers for 2013-2014
President: Megan Gardner
Vice President: Kathryn Cornwell
Treasurer: Josh Floth
1st Year Representative: Jack Davis
Free Radicals: Riley Giesler, Jeff Ren, Victoria Freeman, Sean Selko, Shelby Bloomer

Facebook Page: UNL Biochemistry Club 2013
Twitter: @BIOCclubUNL

Tentative Schedule for the Year

September 24: Ultimate Frisbee
October 8: Beadle Center Laboratory Tours
October 12: Husker Football Watch Party in the Stadium
November 5: How to read a scientific journal article
November ?: UNL Children’s Center Activity
December 15: Finals Study Party
January: How to Get UCARE
February: Bowling
February: Alumni Night
March: Industry Tour
March 18: Photo Scavenger Hunt
April: Practice Poster Session
April: The Big Event
May: Senior Send-Off and 2013-2014 Officer Election

Biochemistry Club Fundraiser
$12 T-shirts

Purchase from Britta Osborne in N208 Beadle Center. Cash or Check only.

2013-2014 Biochemistry Club T-Shirt for the Website