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Biochemistry is at the interface of several key sciences. Our students are trained in biology, chemistry, physics and calculus. You select elective coursework from a variety of areas that match your interests – whether it’s computers, communication, psychology, or even art! Biochemistry academic advisors help guide you to meet your personal career goals.

You are encouraged to gain practical research experience by working in the labs of biochemistry or other science faculty. Approximately half of our students conduct research in a faculty lab and many are funded through the UCARE program.

The Biochemistry major is offered by both the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (CASNR) and the College of Arts & Sciences (ASC). The major is identical, but the college distribution requirements differ. Arts & Sciences requires a foreign language and additional liberal arts courses beyond the Achievement Centered Education (ACE) core. CASNR requires an Economics course as well as AGRI 103: Intro to Agricultural & Natural Resource Systems. The same Biochemistry faculty direct your studies, regardless of the college you choose. Our students pursue similar post-graduation options through both colleges, including entrance into medical school.


BIOC 101 Career Opportunities in Biochemistry
BIOC 431 Biomolecules and Metabolism
BIOC 432 Gene Expression and Replication
BIOC 433 Biochemistry Laboratory
BIOC 435 Advanced Topics in Biochemistry

Biological Sciences
Life 120 & 120L Fundamentals of Biology I
Life 121 & 121L Fundamentals of Biology II
BIOS 206 or AGRO 315 Genetics
BIOS 312 Fundamentals of Microbiology
BIOS 313 or 314 Microbiology Laboratory

CHEM 109 & 110 or 113 & 114 General or Fundamental Chemistry I & II
CHEM 221 Quantitative Chemistry
CHEM 251, 252, 253 & 254 or 261-264 Organic Chemistry I & II
CHEM 471 or 281 Physical Chemistry

PHYS 141 & 142 or 211, 212, 221, 222 General Physics I & II

MATH 106 & 107 Analytical Geometry and Calculus I & II

View the Undergraduate Bulletin for the complete course descriptions of all biochemistry classes. Be sure to check the class schedule for offerings in the current semester.

You can explore sample Four-Year plans through both colleges here:

Arts & Sciences Biochemistry Four Year Plan
Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Biochemistry Four Year Plan



An accelerated combined bachelors/masters degree can be completed in five years by highly motivated undergraduate students. A thesis based on independent research is required. Students apply for this program after the sophomore year.



The Biochemistry minor can compliment your studies in other majors. You must complete a minimum of 18 credit hours of course work to include the following courses:

BIOC 431 Biomolecules & Metabolism
BIOC 432 Gene Expression & Replication
BIOS 206 or AGRO 315 Genetics
BIOS 312 Fundamentals of Microbiology
BIOS 313 or BIOS 314 Microbiology Lab
CHEM 252 or CHEM 262 Organic Chemistry
CHEM 254 or CHEM 264 Organic Chemistry Lab