Research & Innovation

When it comes to research and innovation, the Colleges of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources and Arts and Sciences and their departments consistently achieve an unparalleled level of excellence. Our groundbreaking, globally renowned undergraduate research has continually led to industry-evolving innovations.

At the Department of Biochemistry, we’re positioned at the interface between the physical sciences (bioinorganic, bio-organic, biophysics), the biological sciences (genetics and molecular biology), and the applied sciences (biotechnology). This merger of research expertise strengthens the program, maximizing the productivity and impact of all of our faculty and student researchers. Such breadth in expertise also affords our students an unparalleled opportunity for growth by interacting with scientists at the undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate and faculty level, who each have diverse but overlapping interests.

We excel in several focus areas:

  • Structural and Chemical Basis of Protein Function
  • Metabolism and Metabolic Engineering
  • Molecular Mechanisms of Disease
  • Plant and Microbial Biochemistry and Biotechnology

We are proud to be affiliated with centers of high innovation.

Redox Biology Center

Redox Biology Center

The specific aims of the COBRE-supported (RBC) are to buttress and expand the existing strengths in redox biology in Nebraska by mentoring junior faculty to success, recruiting new faculty with complementary research interests and strategically enhancing biomedical research structure. Scientists are amalgamated from two major research institutions in the state (UNL and UNMC).

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The Center for Plant Science Innovation

The PSI is an interdisciplinary research and training program in the basic plant sciences at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Outstanding research facilities and an interdisciplinary graduate program complement an excellent group of faculty with research strengths in several areas of plant biology research. Faculty research emphases include plant-microbe interactions, plant signaling and organellar biology, abiotic and biotic stress responses, and genomics/proteomics.

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