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We are Nebraska's premier Biochemistry program.

Through a combination of coursework, seminars, and original research, you will complete a Ph.D. degree and acquire the skills needed to become an independent research scientist. Graduate students work closely with internationally recognized faculty doing research at the cutting edge of science to investigate an array of exciting questions. We emphasize core areas of:

Edward Harris and Sandhya in Lab


► Molecular Mechanisms of Disease

► Metabolism and Metabolic Engineering

► Structural and Chemical Basis of Protein Function

► Plant and Microbial Biochemistry and Biotechnology

► Biochemistry Education


The Graduate Program was established at UNL in 1992. Since that time, our numbers and federal research dollars have made us one of the most successful programs at the University of Nebraska. UNL's Biochemistry Program is widely known for the excellence of its training environment. What has not changed is our commitment foremost to the development of new scientists and researchers. Our strength lies in our devotion to you as a student, and in the supportive working relationships we cultivate in our research community.

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Our program currently consists of approximately 30 faculty members mentoring 36 students. The size of the group allows for extensive personal attention from faculty mentors and contributes to interactive collaboration among students and researchers.

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