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All students are required to take:

  • BIOC 932 (Proteins)
  • BIOC 933 (Enzymes)
  • BIOC 934 (Genome Dynamics and Gene Expression)
  • BIOC 935 (Metabolic Function and Dysfunction)

All students in the Ph.D. program are required to take biochemistry seminar (BIOC 992k) each semester for a total of at least 8 credits. Each student will present two seminars per year, one of which is based on a current journal article of broad interest and the other a formal presentation of their laboratory research.

Students in the M.S. program take BIOC 992k for a total of at least 4 credits

BIOC Class -- large sizeOther course requirements are arranged in consultation with the Supervisory Committee. The student and advisor submit a Program of Studies that details the student’s course work requirements to the Graduate College before one half of the courses are complete.

Successful completion of the Ph.D. degree involves 90 credit hours in which a third is coursework and the remainder thesis research. No more than 55 credit hours may be earned in dissertation research, and 35 credit hours must be in Biochemistry offerings.

The Graduate Committee has prepared a TABLE that outlines the graduate program requirements by semester. For convenience, this table also lists some sample specialty courses that can be chosen by students in consultation with their faculty mentor and supervisory committee. Questions can be addressed to the Graduate Committee Chair (Dr. Melanie Simpson).