FedEx Shipping Label Request Form

We now have a Beadle Business Center FedEx account. The new online label procedure will help ensure that the departments are billed correctly, as it will be separate from the entire University FedEx account billing. This online system also ensures legibility of the labels for proper delivery of your packages.

Fill out the FedEx Shipping Label Request Form. The shipping label will be prepared online. When you press the “submit” button, it will go to Leann Galusha via email to complete the label for you. The other option is to complete and print the form, then bring it to the Biochemistry main office (N200 – Beadle). The form must be received by 4:00pm Monday-Friday for the label to be completed online and printed, so that your package is ready for pickup by FedEx in the Receiving Office, Beadle E119.

Prepare your package for shipping. Pick up your completed label from the Biochemistry office and take your package to Alan Muthersbaugh or Les Acree in the Receiving Office (E119) for shipment.

1. If you are using your own packaging, it needs to be weighed in the Receiving Office. Alan Muthersbaugh will complete the second part of the shipping label online and will then print the shipping label in his office.

An email confirmation will be sent to you from FedEx when the package is shipped and delivered to its destination.

Memorandum of Absence Form

The “University of Nebraska-Lincoln Memorandum of Absence” form is to be filled out by the faculty member prior to the planned absence. This form is to be used for reporting absences (both personal and professional) to the main department office. This form provides information to document the dates of absence, reason for absence, contact information, and the name of the individual in charge while the employee is absent. This form is separate from the Request for Leave form (ESS) or travel related request forms.

Please complete the Memorandum of Absence form, print and submit the completed form to the Department Chair for signature.